These artworks are dedicated to the family, friends, and loved ones that are no longer with us today, and created for those that still grieve, love, miss, and never forget. 

One of the toughest times in life is when you lose a loved one: a mom, dad, son, daughter, brother, sister, baby, grandparent, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, other family members, friends, and pets.

I give people beautiful dreamlike photographic artworks of their loved ones that have passed away. What inspired me to create these type of artworks was the passing of my mom back in 2013 due to cancer. I had some photos of my mom. I wanted to create and see a beautiful image of my mom, with her surrounded by nature, tranquility, & beauty. I wanted to see an image of my mom at peace. And having a background in fine arts, graphic arts, & photography, I decided put photographs together, graphically manipulate the images, and out of that I created these beautiful, dreamlike photographic artworks with an almost heavenly atmosphere.

The inspiration behind these artworks was my mom, having passed away from esophageal cancer back in 2013. I wanted to create a beautiful image of my mom surrounded by beauty and love. A almost dreamlike image between a mix of heaven and earth. 

After creating one for my mom, I wanted others to have a beautiful, meaningful work of art as well. I wanted to share with others so that they can have their own beautiful artwork of their loved ones. 

Dedicated to my mom.
Kum Sun Yi (09/16/55 - 09/22/13) Esophageal Cancer