In Loving Memory Artworks

I give people beautiful dreamlike photographic artworks of loved ones that have passed away, using a photo of their loved one, and turning it into a beautiful work of art that tells a story. Dedicated to the family, friends, and loved ones that are no longer with us today, and created for those that still grieve, love, miss, and never forget.



Sometimes the best photos are the ones that aren't planned. In the spur of the moment, a candid shot of your loved one at home, in the park, or on a trip. A photo that was taken with a smartphone or digital camera. These are the photos we look for, a natural photo, in a unexpected moment. 

Don't worry so much the surroundings in the photo or the background of the photo (I can remove the surroundings and background). The main thing we're focused on is your loved one in the photo. He/she can be just be relaxing, looking at the sunset with their back towards the camera, or looking to the side or towards the ground. He/she doesn't even need to be smiling. The main thing we're trying to achieve is to take that photo and create a beautiful story out of it. 

Tips For Best Photos

  • Full Body Shots Work Best (head to toe photos, or 3/4 length shots)

  • No Objects In Front Of Subject

  • Clear Photo (not blurry, if not then I can sharpen it)

  • Candid Shots, Where Subject Is or Isn't Looking Directly Towards Camera Lens

  • Posed Shots Work Well Too

  • High Resolution, Unedited Photos Work Best (example: No Facebook or Instagram photos)

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, A Photo That You Love Of Your Loved One :)

If you have several photos you like, and are unsure of which to use or which works best, you can attach and upload several photos and I can decide on which one works best.


Once you've decided you want to get your beautiful photo manipulation artwork, ordering is simple.


Select one of the artworks. Choose the total amount of persons/pets that will be included in the artwork. From that artwork, I'll take the photo that you later choose to upload of you, a family member, or loved one, and integrate it into that artwork. 

After you place your order, you will receive a Order Confirmation # in your email. Use that Order # when you upload your photos. We recommend uploading your photos within a few days to quickly schedule a date to work on your artwork.

If you'd like your own custom artwork, select the custom photo manipulation artwork. Contact me to discuss exactly what you're looking for in your artwork to get a quote.

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Upload your photos. Please have your order # ready. Select and attach the photo you want to use for your work of art. If you're unsure of which photo to use or which photo works best, attach multiple photos you like and I'll select the photo that I believe that will be the best fit for the artwork.

You can add any instructions or notes about your photo and artwork when you upload your photos.* If you have any questions beforehand, please feel free to contact me and I'll answer any questions you may have. 

(*Make sure to add any notes if you'd like about your artwork. If no notes are written or discussed with Minchu Yi prior to working on your photo manipulation artwork, any changes may be subject to additional charges.)




Once your photos are uploaded and artwork is scheduled, I'll go ahead and start working on it on that scheduled day. You'll receive an email with a link to your artwork to view within 48 hours. If there are any changes that are needed, I will go ahead and work on those changes then send you your final artwork file in both web and print format (jpg). Having these files will make it handy to print at your local photo print shop, or to post onto any social media. If you'd like to make any kind of prints or fine art prints, we have some online print shops you can use. 


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